To Whom I May Concern:
The Hidden Secret In The New Show

Hey Guys!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first week of The New Show. A lot of work went into making this show something special and different from anything you’ve seen before.

With every episode, I tried to bring you something a little different, yet somehow familiar, and to be honest. I had ulterior motives in doing this.

I had said I wanted to create a show that felt like a late night show but made for a YouTube audience, and therefore a lot of people expected me to be sitting at a desk and for it to be longer. But here’s where I think this show really gets cool, because it was right in front of you all along.

On Monday we had the monologue:

Tuesday gave us a video piece:

Wednesday was a sketch:

Thursday was a field piece:

And Friday was the guest segment:

And if you watch them all together in a playlist…

You have a full length late night show at the end of every week :)

Whaddya think of that?

You’re drunk. Give me your keys.

You’re drunk. Give me your keys.

Silly Coolio, that’s not what Porn Hub is for…

I can watch the last gif in this set for HOURS.


The New Show: July 22, 2014 

Kim Jong-Un is pressuring China into removing an embarrassing viral video of him. You can watch all about it here (x)

Post a video question to Instagram with the hashtag #FridaskMeAnything and I’ll answer it on my show on Friday. Simple, right?

Kim Jong Un wants a video of him taken down off the Internet. I didn’t think the video was that bad. So I made one that was worse…

Well, we had a good run.

Cool James left a solid question that I wanted to made sure I answered. I bet a lot of you have similar thoughts, so here’s my answer across the board :)

Cool James left a solid question that I wanted to made sure I answered. I bet a lot of you have similar thoughts, so here’s my answer across the board :)

First off I just wanted to say how much I loved the first episode of the new show. I'm really excited for it. But I was wondering if the new show channel will strictly be for the new show or if we can expect some other stuff too. But again congratulations ross I think it'll be great.

The New Show itself is an ever evolving beast. There will be other types of videos on the channel to keep it from going stale (for both you and me) but the channel is The New Show so as for right now everything you see will be under that umbrella.

In all fairness, I wasn’t there for the first one, so I’d really like this one :)


You helped us win one. We want another! ;)

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Oh, you didn’t know? You betta ask somebody!


Hey Guys! We’re back!

Andrew and I wanted to give this ol’ podcast thing a try from two different cities and it looks like it’s going to work. While our schedule will be a bit wacky at first (or continuously, if we’re being honest) we’ve decided that the podcast will continue no matter what city we’re in!

Hope you enjoy :)

THIS WEEK’S MISSION: Write down two accomplishments a day and reflect back on them at the end of the week.

Missed you guys!

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